The Total Solar Eclipse is just about here, and most people that live here or who are visiting with their furry friends are prepared to protect themselves during travel and while looking up at the sky. But what about our pets?

LOCAL Syr spoke with a veterinarian from Manlius Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Jillian VanderYacht.

red dogs at the lake

Things to know about your pets and the Total Solar Eclipse

  1. They may perceive the darkness as a storm about to happen
  2. If your dog gets anxiety during storms, treat it as if there's one coming (if they take medication for it, give them the medication)
  3. Animals aren't going to be interested in watching the Eclipse the way humans are, and probably won't know it's happening
  4. If there are crowds or people present where you're watching the Eclipse, it's better to leave your pets inside or at home

Overall, animals have an aversion to looking directly into the sun or bright lights, so when it comes to their eyesight they're safe. The bigger issue is crowds and their routines being different. Animals are very in tune with what people are doing and how their owners are feeling. The best thing to do is leave your pets at home and help them to avoid crowds.

Traveling and in need of boarding for your pets in the Finger Lakes area?

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