Latest COVID news for visitors:

  • Given New York's progress and the diminished risk of COVID-19 within the community, the State has lifted most COVID-19 restrictions, except for the mask requirement for unvaccinated individuals and in certain settings (e.g., large-scale indoor event venues, pre-K to grade 12 schools, public transit, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, nursing homes and health care settings per CDC guidance).
  • With the removal of the State's minimum standard, businesses are free to choose to lift all or some restrictions, continue to adhere to the State's archived guidance, or implement other health precautions for their employees and patrons. Businesses are also authorized to require masks and six feet of social distancing for employees and patrons within their establishments, regardless of vaccination status.
  • In most cases, Seneca County tourism facilities are mask-free for persons that have been vaccinated. While no proof of vaccination is usually required, these businesses are reliant on the honor system to ensure the safety of their valued guests. Please remain diligent in your efforts to follow general health and safety guidelines. 

Two young girls wearing masksSeneca Safe: Our Community's COVID Response:

We know you’re eager to Discover Seneca County and experience the unhurried adventure that our destination has to offer. We also realize that health and safety are the most important priorities.

To ensure a safe environment for everyone, the Seneca County travel industry has implemented new safety protocols designed to protect visitors and keep our businesses open. These measures include: wearing face coverings in all required areas, keeping high-touch surfaces clean, providing adequate supplies for hand washing and maintaining social distancing.

Our tourism facilities have also worked with state and local health officials to create business-specific policies that maintain healthy workplaces and slow the spread of COVID-19. Look for signs, stickers, and posters at each property’s entrance to verify their participation in the Seneca Safe Pledge.

And remember, you also have a role in the safety of our region. Please wear masks and practice social distancing. We look forward to your visit. We’re ready to make it a safe and memorable one!

For more information about how our community has responded to the COVID pandemic,