Scaling Up Your Food Business 2-Part Webinar

4926 Onondaga Road
(315) 498-6070

If you are a new restaurant owner and would like to increase your bottom line, this is the program for you!

Topics Covered:
Part 1 – June 7th – 10am to 12pm

  • Diversification of vendors
  • Price sheet analysis
  • Tracking food costs across multiple accounts
  • Labor cost management "cutting-fat" 
  • Menu oversight
  • COVID-19 policies & procedures

Part 2 –June 14th – 10am to 12pm

  • Introduction to Quickbooks
  • Variable cost management and proper record keeping
  • Proper inventory tracking
  • Reports - how to create & use them

The SBDC is offering a two-part training on how to identify critical factors, how to create and interpret reports to make changes to go from just surviving to taking money home.
Fee: $39 (for both days)