The Fox Sisters and Modern Spiritualism Movement

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Tracy Murphy, the Executive Director of Historic Palmyra, will deliver a program at Rose Hill Mansion as part of the Historic Geneva fall lecture series.  She will present “The Fox Sisters and Modern Spiritualism" on Sunday, September 22 at 2:00pm.

In the winter of 1848, the Fox family began to hear mysterious rappings in the Hydesville, NY house they had recently moved into. Maggie, 15, and Kate Fox, 11, could apparently communicate with the source of the sounds, thought to be the ghost of a murdered peddler. The girls went on to perform séances around the country, became 19th-century celebrities, and brought about a new religion in spiritualism. Ms. Murphy will share their story and its connection to modern spiritualist beliefs.

Tracy Murphy, Director of Historic Palmyra's 5 museums, has been the caretaker and historian for the Fox Property for over 25 years. The property is located just outside of Newark. Rose Hill Mansion is a property of Historic Geneva.