Things to Do

Women's Rights Trail

The area's long history of grit and determination dates back to Suffragettes and Abolitionists.

Wine & Craft Beverages

Taste the bounty of New York's famed wine region from Riesling to Cider to Spirits and Micro-Brews.


Discover the authentic experiences to be had where farm life and tourism meet.

Arts & History

Walk through history and discover our storied past at more than 20 museums and historic sites.

Lakes & Waterways

Relax and "go with the flow" on our majestic waterways - perfect for boating, fishing and swimming.

Music & Entertainment

Unwind through exploration by enjoying renowned entertainment in world-class venues.

Nature & Outdoors

Adventure awaits around every turn in Seneca County's scenic outdoors.


Discover authentic treasures as local businesses share both their products and artisanal talents.