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April 17 - Excellus Allows Mid-Year Plan Changes for Groups to Lower Costs

Excellus BCBS wants to ensure as many of their group members as possible can maintain their health insurance benefits. Through June 1, 2020, they are allowing mid-year plan changes to allow for lower cost employer and employee plans to accommodate the COVID-19 impacts 

Groups can:

  • Allow their employees to switch to a lower cost existing group plan

OR buy down to a lower cost plan.

  • Additionally, employees who waived coverage and now want health insurance will be able to sign up for a plan through their group during the special open enrollment throughout the state of emergency.

Excellus also stated that:

  • They will not be re-setting current deductible and out of pocket accumulations and have implemented a process to carry them over.
  • Making a mid-year change will not change the groups renewal month, but the group will have to keep the new plan selected until their next renewal period.