Scenes from Seneca Falls

Winter is the perfect time to visit New York's Finger Lakes Region

Scenes from Seneca Falls

Winter is the perfect time to visit New York's Finger Lakes Region

Seneca County invites you to

Discover Holiday Magic

in the place that inspired a movie

This holiday season, plan a visit to Seneca County and discover our connection to one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time, "It's a Wonderful Life."

While the movie and its fictional town of Bedford Falls were filmed on elaborate sets in Hollywood, CA, the real-life inspiration has always been located approximately 2,600 miles away in the Finger Lakes Region. Each year, thousands of movie fans from around the world come to experience the sights, sounds and magic of the Real Bedford Falls...Seneca Falls, NY.


Seneca County offers some of the region's best lodging options - from award winning resorts to historic B&B's to lakeside vacation rentals.

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Whether you're looking for regional cuisine that incorporates local ingredients or the perfect pairing to our craft beverages, Seneca County has something for everyone's palette.

The movement for Women's Rights began in Seneca Falls and its history is on display in many landmarks and museums throughout the community.

Get to Know the Real Bedford Falls

Discover why Seneca Falls is the inspiration for It's a Wonderful Life
  • Many reasons -- but it's well documented that Movie Director Frank Capra visited Seneca Falls while working on the script. Throughout the movie, several clues point to its inspiration for Bedford Falls --starting with the town's name itself. Next, consider the geographic references in the movie - as Bedford Falls is located in Western NY with proximity to Buffalo, Rochester and Elmira...just like real-life Seneca Falls. Next, much of the architecture and landmarks in the film bear a striking resemblance to how Seneca Falls would have looked at the time... from the railroad station, to local houses to the steel truss bridge. Speaking of the bridge -- perhaps the most significant influence is a real life incident that happened in Seneca Falls regarding a woman that attempted to take her own life and an "angel" who was there to save her.

  • Yes - created by the It's a Wonderful Life Museum and Archives, visitors can experience the movie's historical roots in a walking tour of Seneca Falls. Maps are available for download and donations to the museum are greatly appreciated.