Board of Directors

The government of the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce is vested in a Board of Directors composed of up to fifteen (15) Directors.  Duly elected officers of the corporation shall also be directors elected from the Board membership. These Directors shall hold office for terms of three (3) years, with minimum of a one-year absence after the second consecutive term. 

Any individual(s) from an active member of the Chamber (in good standing) shall be considered eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. A nominating committee is formed each year to solicit interested candidates. Once nominated, an election is held within the Chamber membership and the highest vote totals (including write-ins) are confirmed. 

On any given matter, the statement of policy approved by the Board of Directors shall become the official position of the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce until it is revised, amended, or supplemented. 

Chamber Board Members:

More Information About Our Chamber

Chamber staff are among the most knowledgeable professionals in the area when it comes to our community and the resources it offers.

Centered around areas of focus, committees represent a great way for volunteers to engage with the Chamber and serve the community.

The Chamber's Strategic Plan serves as the roadmap to best position the organization, its business membership and tourism partners for success over the coming years.

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