Wagner Valley Brewing Co Named Business of the Month

The Seneca County Chamber of Commerce and CFCU Community Credit Union have recognized Wagner Valley Brewing Company of Lodi as the September 2022 Business of the Month.


“Wagner Valley Brewing Company is a trend setter that deserves to be recognized for this milestone,” stated Megan Slater, Membership Development Manager at the Chamber, referring to Wagner Valley Brewing’s 25th anniversary.  “On behalf of the Chamber community, we offer our sincerest congratulations and wish the Wagner Valley Brewing team many years of continued growth and success!”


Founded in 1997, Wagner Valley Brewing Company is unique, not only because it was the first craft brewery to open on Seneca Lake, but also in its brewing process.  For some of its flagship brews, Wager Valley Brewing adheres to the Reinheitsgebot of 1516, a German Purity Law that states: “Only the finest Malt, Hops, Yeast and Water can be used in the production of beer.”  Plus, several of its beers borrow ingredients and methods from Wagner’s winemaking, leading to unique and exciting beverages.


Wagner Valley Brewing recently released the 25th Anniversary Big Double to commemorate its first quarter-century in business.  This IPA is loaded with flavors of fresh kiwi, pineapple, and sweet berry, and is available at Wagner Valley Brewing’s taproom.  Wagner’s recently renovated back deck (named the Vantage Point on Seneca) allows year-round enjoyment with a stunning view of Seneca Lake.


Besides serving up award-winning beverages, Wagner is committed to helping the community.  To name one example, every year, Wagner partners with a local radio station on a collaborative beer for a good cause.  One dollar of each pint sold is donated to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.  This year's collaboration will be announced later this fall!

All are encouraged to visit Wagner Valley Brewing Company to enjoy a tasting with scenic views, and to hear the inspiring origin story of Seneca Lake’s first craft brewery!  Wagner is open 10 AM – 5 PM seven days/week and is only closed three days of the year (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day).  To learn more about Wagner Valley Brewing Company, visit: https://wagnerbrewing.com/


The Seneca County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month Program is sponsored by CFCU Community Credit Union. Recipients are chosen on a monthly basis by the Chamber's membership community to recognize organizational excellence and/or significant accomplishments in their field. For more information about the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce or to inquire about membership in one of the region’s leading professional organizations, please call (315) 568-2906 or visit www.senecachamber.org.