Finger Lakes Facts

Seneca County has many interesting facts!

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  1. The National Women’s Hall of Fame is an American institution, created in 1969 by a group of people in Seneca Falls, New York.
  2. One of two islands among the 11 Finger Lakes, the Frontenac is located in Cayuga Lake near Union Springs.
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  4. The flood of July 8, 1935, caused tremendous damage throughout much of Seneca County. Several cottages were washed into both Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. Whole orchards and vineyards were uprooted and carried into the lakes. The lakes were not fit for swimming the rest of the summer.
  5. The first mowing machines in Seneca County came into use about 1850. They had to be loaded in a wagon and moved from one field to another.
  6. The famous “Woodie” station wagons were manufactured in Waterloo, NY from the 1930’s until 1955.


Deciding where to eat in the Finger Lakes can often become a difficult decision because there are seemingly endless options around every corner…or lake.

There are a number of great pubs and taverns to fill your appetite. and many that feature our local bounty, Finger Lakes wine & Finger Lakes micro-brews.

The Finger Lakes Gateway is within a days drive of 94 million people, two-thirds of the Northeast population...