Check out these 5 unique aisles you'll find in Sauders

Sauders is a unique country store located in the Seneca County region of the Finger Lakes. People have enjoyed shopping there since 1978, and with the growth of the tourism industry in the county, it's become one of the most visited places in this area.

Sauders attracts both locals, visitors, and repeat-visitors to its grocery store that offers so many choices in so many different categories. Whether you're looking for a gorgeous new handcrafted birdhouse or Adirondack chair, or the freshest cuts of meat for a cookout, you'll probably find it here.

Here are 5 aisles you're sure to find something in for yourself or as a gift!

1. High-end Wood Crafts

sauders birdhouses

Sauders offers high-end wooden, hand crafted furniture and outdoor decorations for all types of people.

Whether you're in the market for patio chairs and a table, rocking chairs for your porch, wooden decor like birdhouses, windmills, or even little bridges for ditches or creeks, you'll find it here!

2. Grandma Sauders' Candy Shack

Sauders candy 2

The candy shack is one of the largest selections of unique candies available. Sold by the pound, you can find everything from sugar coated gummies of all kinds to licorice, hard candy, eccentric wax candy filled with mouth-watering sugary liquid, and every type of chocolate you can imagine.

3. Junk Food

sauders junk food

Of course you can find a lot of junk food at regular grocery stores, but if you're a fan of cheese puffs, Sauders is the place for you. They carry not only a few name brand salty chip choices, but they carry their own as well. You can find crunchy cheese puffs, soft and fluffy cheese puffs, and cheese balls by the jug. Whether you like the white cheese or the orange cheese, you have your choice of that too!

4. Every Pickled thing you can think of (And Relish!)

sauders pickled vegetables and relish

Should you be a lover of all things pickled or any sort of relish, know that you'll have the largest selection possible here! 

They have a wide range of pickled vegetables: four bean salad, banana peppers, onions and peppers, dilly beans, garlic, beets, marinated mushrooms and of course the classic pickles.

As for relish, you can find red sweet pepper, bread & butter pickle, green tomato, and so much more.

5. Olde World Spices

sauders spices

When it comes to the Olde World Spices aisle, if it exists, you'll find it. Here, you can buy your spices by the pound. Everything is hand packed, assuring freshness is guaranteed and your satisfaction. 

Don't miss out on anything Sauders has to offer!

Sauders has so many other unique things to check out, here are just a few:

  • Homemade prepared dinners and salads
  • Homemade peanut butter
  • Old fashioned jams
  • A book nook with gifts like handmade soaps, jewelry, and children's books
  • Coffee
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Windchimes
  • Essential Oils
  • Stickers
  • Cards
  • Lotions
  • Candles

See more on their website here!