Norm Sharman
Owner, Silver Creek Golf

Owner of Silver Creek golf club in Waterloo NY, Norm Sharman talks about how golf has been in his family since he could first hold a club in his hand.  Norm, originally from Quebec, Canada has followed in his father’s footsteps in providing a quality experience when playing a round of golf.  Norm’s father had visited the Finger Lakes region while the family was living in the Albany area, and found that a 9-hole golf course was for sale and more importantly saw that the Finger Lakes region was going to be something special. 

 His father jumped at the purchase of Big Oak Golf Course in 1979, where Norm found himself beginning his career in the golf industry.  “Golf was always that family tie as my father got everyone into it at an early age, and that passion has stuck with me ever since” Norm says.  Norm sold golf course equipment in Long Island, and once he moved back to the Finger Lakes region sold equipment in Rochester.  Norm helped create another 9-hole at Big Oak, and later purchased Silver Creek in 1994.

Norm mentions “The best part about this business is the people.  We’ve seen a huge uptick in tourism, and we’ve had a lot of fun meeting new people every day.”  Norm talks about how Canadian travelers have increased over the years.  His father had started a Canadian-American tournament at Big Oak, which is now an annual tournament that brings 35 teams of six players, and has about as long of a waiting list to get in.  Norm can relate with Canadian visitors their overall appreciation of the Finger Lakes region, and the value you get when they visit.  “Canadians can’t believe how cheap it is to golf here, and that’s why they keep coming back.”  Not to mention that Silver Creek is surrounded by many other attractions such as wineries, The Premium Outlet Malls, and other recreational activities.

Silver Creek hosts a number of tournaments throughout the season, and most of them help benefit charitable organizations.  Norm is a big believer in supporting your local community and getting outside and playing a round of golf even if you don’t play the best.  Along with their tournaments, Silver Creek host junior clinics and school teams to get the younger generation more interested in golf.  “It’s a way to get them out of the house, create new friends and work on their game.”  The industry has dramatically changed due to the younger professional golfers that are playing on the tour today, and Norm certainly sees that trend evolving at Silver Creek. 
Visitors coming to Silver Creek will experience a welcoming environment as it is a place to come out and clear your mind of any distractions-except trying to get the ball on the green.  Silver Creek has a great blend of challenging holes which makes for an exciting round and you won’t see many other greens around that roll as smooth and as true as Silver Creek.  “Golf brings everyone together, and we’re happy to be able to be part of new friendships every day.” -Norm Sharman