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What is geocaching?

Geocaching is one of the largest and most well-known activities in the world. Not only is it available in every state and almost every country, but there are plenty of them available in your own back yard!

Geocache has its own app that can be downloaded on any smart phone. Users are able to create an account and use both the app or the online website. This app will then use your location to show you a map that allows you to find geocaches in your general area, or whatever area you want to view. There is both a free option or a paid membership option, which costs users around $25 annually.

Using GPS location and clues, you can locate these geocaches in whatever area you're looking.


Geocaches come in all different shapes and sizes. There are larger ones that have containers where you can take a trinket and leave a trinket. This can be anything from a coin, to a marble, or even a small action figure if it fits. Other geocaches are much smaller and are considered "micro" caches. These are usually only small enough to fit a rolled up or folded logbook where you can sign your username before you log it on the app or website under your username.

micro geocache container in the palm of a handgeocache container and logbook with a pencil surrounded by leavesgps next to a geocache container in rocks and sand

We've compiled a list of geocaches for you to find in the Seneca County region, but we made them spooky! They're all in cemeteries

close up of a headstone with a marble cross on top in a cemetery

One of the greatest parts of geocaching is finding the "hidden treasure" or the geocache. This blog has taken some of the leg work out for you, but not the fun! We've compiled a list of local geocaches in Seneca County for those who live here or those visiting, and they're all free caches. Because geocaching is set up and maintained by other geocachers, it's a very self-sustained hobby. That means many individuals who set up geocaches can choose whether or not they want them to be made available for free on the app or for paid members only. We've located some of the free geocaches available to users.

Getting started geocaching

1. You'll want to download the app onto your phone, whether it be an Apple phone or an Android.

2. Create a username and password. Most geocachers sign the logbooks with whatever name they created for their account, not their real names.

3. Start looking for geocaches!

Cemeteries are some of the best places for geocaching

plain cemetery in daylight

Cemeteries make some of the greatest places to find geocaches, especially in a rural area. That's because what makes geocaching so fun is the fact that these little hidden treasures are actually in public places where anybody can go. That means parks and cemeteries make great places because they are easily accessible to people during every season, all types of weather, and usually from dusk until dawn.

Be sure to check the hours and/or rules of each location before heading there- while most caches are trustworthy on the app, they're still created and maintained by regular people, and sometimes people can make mistakes with rules or hours of operation!

Because cemeteries are so easily accessible to the public, a vast majority of caches can be found there. Sometimes bigger cemeteries will have more than one, and other times people will create a multi-step geocache using headstones and the information on them. This can range from using GPS coordinates to go to each stop in the cemetery or adding up numbers on headstones. Sometimes you'll even need to use the numbers on the headstones to find new coordinates!

This list is made up of simple, easy geocaches you can find in one stop. We've compiled three free ones you can use without a membership

Fenced In located in the Ovid Union Cemetery (located in Ovid, NY)

The description for this geocache states, "Welcome to the Ovid Union Cemetery! At this location there are many possible areas to hide a small cache. I have tried to make the coordinates as good as they can be. As this is a cemetery, all of the normal rules apply. NO night caching, respect the monuments here, drive only on designated driving areas. This cemetery isn't busy, so don't worry about parking right on the driveway, you probably won't encounter anyone else while you're here. The road, on the other hand, can be very busy, so please be stealthy. Please hide the cache as found."

Its last found date was logged on September 9, 2023 and was labeled as "found in good shape."

It's rated 1.5 out of 5 as difficult, 1.5 out of 5 for terrain, and it is considered a microcache (a 1 out of 5 on the size scale).

The hint is: The title says it all!

The hint could mean that the cache is hidden somewhere along or inside of the fence, or that it's somewhere fenced in. Using your app as a GPS will bring you near where it's located where you can then search for it.

Jerusalem Church Cemetery (located in Fayette, NY)

The description for this geocache states, "A very very old cemetery with a lot of history. A quick park and go, not near the markers. If you want to walk around and see some really old markers, it is interesting. A film can with a baggie and log. No room for trades. BYOP (bring your own pen). This cemetery was used from 1809-1911. There was a Zion church that burned here in 1835. In 1836 it was replaced by a large log structure. The structure is now gone. This is now considered Hallowed Ground. Please note- it may not be winter accessible, especially if there is a lot of snow on the ground."

Its last found date was logged on June 11, 2023, marked "tftf" (thanks for the find).

It's rated a 1 for difficulty, 1.5 for terrain, and 1 out of 5 for size and is considered a microcache.

There is no hint.

This cache is a "park and go" which means you should be able to pull up and park, find it quickly with the coordinates, and leave.

Hubbard Cemetery Revisited (located in Waterloo, NY)

The description for this geocache states, "This is a small, out of the way cemetery. Almost all of the head stones are toward the back, so this is easy to drive by. I had one here before but it kept coming up missing. I believe that won't be a problem this time. As always be respectful and no night caching. You are looking for a small camoed pill bottle with a seatbelt. There is a log only so BYOP. I have also left a pathtag for those who like to collect them." (The path tag is no longer there)

It's last found date was logged on August 29, 2023 and was marked "Nice find... cute little cemetery... tftc" (thanks for the cache).

It's rated a 2.5 for difficulty, 1.5 for terrain, and 1 out of 5 for size.

The hint is: About 6 feet into trees and 5 feet up.

This means that the cache is likely in the wooded area surrounding the cemetery, and the coordinates will bring you close to it.

Feel free to continue having fun with the app!

Now that the app is downloaded and you've hopefully found some of the caches, maybe you want to find more! The app will show you where to find more now that you've gotten used to it.

If you opted for a paid membership, there are so many more cemeteries available to membership holders in Seneca County!

Good luck with geocaching, and try not to get too spooked in the cemeteries!

Don't forget to bring trinkets to trade if you find a bigger cache!

two geocache containers containing trinkets