Boundary Breaks Vineyard

Bruce Murray has a knack for recognizing opportunity. Having lived nearly half of his life in New York City, and traveling the world extensively for work, the savvy businessman has learned a thing or two about trusting his instincts. 

When the self-professed wine enthusiast tried Riesling, it inspired him to start a business that would showcase the under-appreciated white wine. His search led him to the Finger Lakes region - a place once named "New York's secret wine region." Since the mid - 70's, the Finger Lakes has developed a reputation for having ideal growing conditions for wine-caliber grapes. Early pioneers experimented with many varieties to see what grapes worked best and found a match made in heaven with the cold-tolerant Riesling grape.

Bruce and his wife Diana, a trained botanist, soon purchased a 120-acre farm in Lodi, NY on the east side of Seneca Lake. The area was their first choice to build a winery - in part because of its superior ability to grow Riesling, but also because of its accessibility to wine-lovers everywhere. While Bruce knew plenty about wine, he didn't know the first thing about winemaking. The couple turned to the local wine community for help and received advice from some of the most respected professionals in the business.

With knowledge gained from his colleagues, the Murray's and their vineyard team relied on state-of-the-art techniques to create some of the industry's most distinctive wine. They installed deep drainage pipes to ensure dryer soils and create more resilient vines; they adopted an innovative trellis system to support the vines and used intricate pruning methods to maximize sun exposure -- thus increasing yields.

The vineyard first took shape in 2008, with six acres of Riesling vines planted strategically within the defined boundaries of the property - marked by distinctive slopes or "breaks" in the land. In 2010, another six acres of crops were planted and by the following year, the business, aptly named "Boundary Breaks" had its first harvest. Today, the winery produces roughly 10,000 cases of wine each year - making it an average-sized winery by regional standards. In addition to Riesling, they produce Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Rose, Cabernet Franc and Harmonic -- a blend featuring Merlot.

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1568 Porter Covert Road
Lodi, NY 14860
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